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Sun Heroes:

Verona is a treasure hunter from the kingdom of Dania. Upon uncovering the sacred Sunblade, she underwent the Sun Goddess' trial and won acceptance as its wielder. Now, as its true wielder, she is able to use the Sunblade to amplify her offensive capabilities in combat.

Cecil is an elven noble and the Archmage of the kingdom of Dania. He is able to harness the latent magical power of gemstones around him in order to deal widespread damage to his enemies.

Tempest is a student at the Arcane Academy in the kingdom of Patra. Gifted with the ability to tap into wind magics, she is able to help some of her allies escape from battle or provide support by healing herself and her allies.

Blaire is a veteran duelist from the kingdom of Patra. Specializing in single combat, she seeks to single-handedly take out even the most threatening of enemies.

Flynn is a wandering adventurer with loyalty to no kingdom. When questing, he works best with a variety of allies, and works to boost their morale by bringing out the best of their powers.

Ignis is a rogue sorcerer with loyalty to no kingdom. Born with the ability to conjure flame out of thin air, his endless and explosive flames have consumed everything around him.

Felix is a wandering knight and heir to the throne of Patra. Desiring to charge headfirst into combat instead of using diplomatic measures, he uses his warhammer to stun enemies, preventing them from using their powers.

Atlas is a knight from the kingdom of Dania. Enchanted by the Sun Goddess herself, Atlas specializes in healing his allies and establishing a direct connection between those he heals and the Sun Goddess, providing them with a way to secure more blessings than normal.

Jasper is a devout guardian of the Sun Goddess' temple. Sent directly by the Sun Goddess to provide support to her Heroes, Jasper can fully heal an ally and allow another ally to escape from the battle undetected.

Nova is an animated colossus powered by a centralized core of arcane magics. Using the power bestowed by its creator, it is able to deal widespread damage and stun enemies.

Mavis is a bard from the kingdom of Dania. Using her enchanted music, she is able to heal her allies and amplify damage dealt to enemies in combat.

Helstrom is a nomadic barbarian who has devoted himself to conquest in the name of the Sun Goddess. Focused on honor and his objective, he continues to cut through enemies and deals even more damage as he takes damage.

Born from a dragon's flame, Zeph is an armored berserker with no other known loyalty or origin. Using the power granted to him by his progenitor, he is able to attack long distance using his scales and can breathe fire at his enemies.

Rin is an elven sorceress and serves as the guardian of the grove of Illanis. Using the magic harnessed from the grove, she is able to deal considerable damage to her enemies while also healing considerable damage from her allies.

Luca is a magical archer from the kingdom of Dania. Using magic contained in the light around her, she is able to form a bow and multiple arrows to fire at her enemies; even enemies seemingly not hit directly by her arrows become wounded in the process.

Moon Heroes:

Nocturne is an elven noble from the northern kingdom of Talra. Bestowed with the sacred Moonblade, they are able to use its power to go on the offensive and protect allies by shrouding them from harmful powers.

Lucien is an enchanted dryad from the groves of Endal. He can use his inner bioluminescence to heal allies and damage enemies.

Frost is the Archmage of the kingdom of Talra. Using the depths of her magical power, she can deal widespread damage and immobilize enemies using her ice magic.

Scythe is a reaper of souls bound to the service of the Moon Goddess. A renowned mercenary that carried out high profile political assassinations when they were alive, they now appear in battle to greatly weaken damaged enemies.

Yarok is a demon from a parallel dimension that has possessed a researcher of the dark arts. As part of his bargain with the Moon Goddess, he wields dark energy that allows him to drain blessings from enemies and share that power with his allies.

Mira is a scholar and chemist that often scours the groves of Endal for potion materials. Using her own concoctions, she is able to heal large amounts of damage from a single ally, or strategically heal widespread damage.

Marek is an assassin born in the kingdom of Selis. After ambushing his enemies, he is able to use his enchanted daggers to shroud himself from enemy powers.

Lionheart is the spirit of a hunter from the kingdom of Selis. Having fallen in combat centuries ago, he wanders the woodlands of Selis seeking vengeance and curses those who get in his way.

Lyra is a blind sorceress from the kingdom of Daxus. Using an enchanted crystal orb granted to her by Daxus' court of mages, she is able to copy and use the powers of nearby enemies.

Locke is a traveling merchant born in the kingdom of Talra. Cursed by an enchantress he disrespected, Locke now travels the world as a werewolf, inciting fear in those who see him and tearing through those who aren't so easily frightened.

Cyrus is knight-captain of the royal guard of Talra. As the knight-captain, he seeks to guard his allies by goading enemies to attack him or by using pain magic to redirect damage from allies to himself.

Zayne is a tracker from the kingdom of Daxus. As a master of tracking skills, he is able use aspects of the battle environment to provide strategic cover to his allies.

Alistair is an elven court sorcerer from the kingdom of Selis. Using forbidden magics he uncovered in a sealed Selisian vault, he is able to drain the life of his enemies and heal either his allies or himself.

Nexus is a sorceress that wanders the northern wastes without loyalty to a kingdom. A master of atypical magics, she is able to use these magics to alter reality and turn the tide of battle.

Talon is an elven archer from the kingdom of Daxus. Using a blood aura, he circumvents his weakness against melee fighters and is able to amplify his damage in close combat.

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